Neighborhood Watch: Lobo's Pack

Report all suspicious activity immediately BY PHONE (707) 253-4451 or IN PERSON (911 Donaldson Way East).

Crime Prevention & Building Community

Officer Maureen Patterson

The American Canyon Police Department (ACPD) values Community Policing, emphasizing collaboration between residents and the police to maintain a safe community.

Community Resource Officer Maureen Patterson coordinates Neighborhood Watch and crime prevention programs. She is available to assist with any neighborhood concerns. For neighborhood questions or to learn about community programs, contact Officer Patterson at (707) 551-0600 or by email.


How You Can Help

  • Stay Informed: Keep up with community news.
  • Know Your Neighbors: Building relationships enhances safety.
  • Use Resources: Utilize ACPD resources for community support.

Together, we can keep American Canyon safe and welcoming.

Safer Series

View the "Safer" series of Tips by clicking on the images below:

Safer Community(PDF, 4MB) Safer Teens(PDF, 1MB) Safer Seniors(PDF, 6MB) Safer Streets