Newell Open Space Preserve


About Newell Open Space Preserve

In 1999, Jack and Bernice Newell donated the Newell Open Space property to the City of American Canyon. This preserve includes 620 acres due east of the City connected by a pan handle along Newell Creek.

Preserve Hours: Sunrise to sunset

Loop Trail Access: Weather Permitting

Note that closures can happen at any time due to

  • Seasonal Closure: at certain times, wildlife require minimal human disturbance. Seasonal closures allow wildlife to successfully breed, nest and forage.
  • Trail Closures: Maintenance and construction are being conducted on trails.
  • Adverse Weather Conditions: Extreme Rain and Lightning
  • Red Flag Warning
    • Heat: 80 of higher
    • Wind: 20mph of higher
    • Humidity: 20% or lower

Trail Etiquette

  1. Stay on the Trail at all times.
  2. Newell Open Space Preserve is a working ranch where free-range cattle roam as they please. There are several cattle gates across trails, please leave the gates as you find them, ie. if found open, please leave open; if closed, please close behind you.
  3. For your pet's safety, dogs are not allowed at this time.
  4. Please leave no trace- pack in and pack out trash.
  5. Maintain a safe distance from cattle and wildlife, and be aware that this is tick, coyote, mountain lion, and potentially rattlesnake country.

All hikers should be aware that the trails at Newell Open Space can be rugged, and we share this space with nearby cattle. We understand that hiking with cattle can make some people nervous. The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources has some valuable information on understanding working rangelands to help improve interactions with cattle.


Participants must stay on trail throughout the duration of this course to avoid impacts to habitat and wildlife.

For more information on Orienteering visit the Bay Area Orienteering Club.

Orienteering FAQs

What is orienteering?
Orienteering is a fun sport where the competitors use their navigational skills with a map and compass, to locate a series of waypoints shown on a specialized topographic map.

What is the purpose of orienteering?
The goal of orienteering is to find all the waypoints in the shortest amount of time while staying on designated trails.

How to complete an orienteering course?
With map and compass in hand, participants determine compass bearing and direction of travel and discover number-ordered waypoints identified on the map. Each waypoint or “control” is a distinct mapped feature such as a trail junction, a boulder, a hilltop, etc. The controls are marked with orange-and-white symbols (above).

Newell Seek Find

look out for these amazing plants and animals on your hike, but DO NOT touch them, except blackberries. Cross items off your list as you find the, Have fun on your adventure. items - bell flower, scat, wavy branch, snake, black elderberry, spiky plant, purple flower, blue oak, wild turkey feather, blackberries, barn, bench, white flowers in bundles. Thank you girl scout troop 20157 for installing the main sign at Newell Open Space Preserve and for designing a seek and find brochure to complete their bronze award projects