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In the Case of Emergency
Dial 911

Report Suspicious Activity
(707) 253-4451

American Canyon Police Department
911 Donaldson Way East
American Canyon, CA 94503

Business Office
(707) 551-0600

Make a Citizen's Commendation, Inquiry or Complaint
An inquiry, complaint or commendation can be made in person at:

Napa Sheriff’s Office
1535 Airport Blvd.
Napa, CA 94558

Via email at sheriff@countyofnapa.org, or by calling the Napa Sheriff’s Office at (707) 253-4440. Download the Citizen Complaint Form (PDF)

Take Action

Request Police Report

All original crime and traffic reports that are generated in the City of American Canyon are kept at the Records Division of the Napa County Sheriff's Office.

If you were the victim in a crime, or involved in a traffic accident, you may request a copy of that report from the American Canyon Police Department (911 Donaldson Way, American Canyon), Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM.

If you are not able to contact the Police Department during business hours, you may contact the Records Division at the Napa County Sheriff's Office at (707) 253-4509.

The law specifically governs what information/reports are allowed to be released. Some reports are not releasable, regardless of the circumstances. There is a fee associated with obtaining copies of reports.

* Please note that the traffic collision reports may take up to 14 business days to be completed.

Get Your Vehicle Released from Impoundment

If your vehicle was impounded because the driver of the vehicle was driving unlicensed, driving on a suspended license or arrested you will need the following:

  • The registered owner of the vehicle must be present.
  • The vehicle must have current registration or temporary registration. Temporary registration would consist of either a one day moving permit or a red temporary registration sticker issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • A valid licensed driver must be present.

$150 cash only (we only accept exact cash and do not make change)

If your vehicle is impounded solely for expired registration, you do not have to pay the $150 fee.

Please call the Police Department at (707) 551-0600 if you have any questions about your vehicle release.

Learn More

Greetings from the Chief

Police Chief Rick GreenbergHello! I’m Rick Greenberg, the Police Chief at American Canyon Police Department. Through this site, I hope you come to know us better and that you appreciate the exceptional level of service our team provides, as much as they appreciate all of you.

About ACPD: there are 26 full-time sworn officers assigned to the American Canyon Police Department, with two non-sworn Police Technicians assigned to the department. In addition to the 26 sworn, ACPD also relies on investigative support from detectives and evidence specialists at the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

Our Police Department enjoys several partnerships in the community, including the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in the schools, Neighborhood Watch program, school resource officers, motorcycle traffic enforcement/education and “Coffee with the Cops” events.

Together with the community members, the City is “our beat”, and we take pride in guarding the quality of life that American Canyon residents have come to expect, enjoy and deserve. Please contact me with any comments, questions or suggestions you might have about how we can best serve our community.

Police Chief Rick Greenberg
(707) 551-0600

Inquiries, Complaints and Compliments

American Canyon Police Department is a division of the Napa County Sheriff's Office. The Napa County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing high quality service to the community. In order to be responsive to community needs, it is necessary to have citizen input. The Napa County Sheriff’s Office encourages recommendations from the public on ways to improve our services. We welcome commendations for personnel who perform their duties exceptionally well and encourage inquiries and complaints about questionable performance, actions, policies or procedures.

Citizen’s Inquiry and Complaint Process

What is a Citizen’s Inquiry?
A Citizen’s Inquiry is any contact with a citizen in reference to an issue of concern that does not require a formal investigation. The Citizen’s Inquiry process seeks to resolve the issue at an informal level, to the satisfaction of the citizen, by means of discussion, explanation or clarification. Citizen’s Inquiries are generally handled by an on-duty supervisor. A Citizen’s Inquiry that is not resolved can become a Citizen’s Complaint.

What is a Citizen’s Complaint?
A Citizen’s Complaint is a formal documentation involving:

1. a complaint against Personnel;

which was not resolved at the Citizen’s Inquiry level or because the nature of the allegation may require an administrative and/or criminal investigation. The investigation will usually include a review of all applicable reports, policies and procedures, examination of any evidence or medical records and interviews with involved parties and witnesses.

At the end of the investigation, you will receive written notification of the Sheriff’s Office findings. The release shall not include what discipline, if any was imposed (832.7(f) PC).

Notification of Findings

  • Sustained - The allegation made in the complaint was proven.
  • Not Sustained - The investigation failed to prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Unfounded - The investigation shows that the alleged act did not occur.
  • Exonerated - The investigation shows that the alleged act did occur, but was justified, lawful and proper under the circumstances.

Citizen's Process for Commending Exceptional Performance

Although our employees don’t expect to be thanked for everything they do, recognition of exceptional service is always constructive. Recognition of exceptional performance is a valuable component of the citizen feedback process. Commendations, either verbal or written, are one of the best ways you can let someone know that you appreciate their good work.

Documents & Policies

Public Records Requests

Contact Napa County Sheriff's Office at (707) 253-4440.


Napa County Sheriff AB 481 Equipment Listing

Policy 706 Section 706.1 Military Equipment

Napa County Sheriff's Department Policy Manual

This is the Napa Sheriff's Department Policy Manual. These policies are designed to ensure that our actions are consistent with the best practices of law enforcement agencies across the country. They form the basis for how we should be delivering service in an impartial and professional manner. The mission statement and core values of the employees of this department are presented in the first policy to illustrate their importance. The orders that follow are equally important, but they are not meant to displace the use of sound and reasonable judgment. The orders should not be blindly followed irrespective of the facts of a particular incident or circumstance.

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Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) – Training for Law Enforcement Peace Officers Standards and Training

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License Plate Reader Policy(PDF, 261KB)

Career Opportunities

Visit the County of Napa's website to explore career options with American Canyon Police Department.