Report a Spill

There are many different types of spills or discharges that can pollute the environment or create a health or safety hazard. Please report all discharges to storm drains, gutters, ditches and waterway! The discharges into a storm drain system that are not composed entirely of stormwater, prohibited by, with few exceptions, American Canyon Municipal Code 14.28, along with state or federal laws, prohibit the release of anything other than stormwater runoff to the storm drain system. Some examples of illegal discharges include: dumping car fluids, sewage, dirt, concrete, construction waste, paint and excess irrigation runoff. Please help keep our waterways clean!

Step 1.Gather the necessary information

Where? Provide a complete address (if possible) and describe the location (The location of the spill could be ‘in the street’ or ‘on the road shoulder’ or ‘into a storm drain on the southbound side’).

When? Is it currently flowing to a storm drain or a water body or has it stopped?

What? What do you know about the polluting materials? Please tell us if you know or suspect the material is hazardous and poses an immediate threat to health and safety.

Who? You can report anonymously but if you provide your contact information it allows us to gather additional information and report back to you about the outcome of the incident.

Step 2.Determine if material spilled is hazardous

  • A material is considered hazardous if it is flammable, corrosive, or toxic. Examples include: oil, gasoline, propane, anti-freeze, pesticide. If a hazardous material has been spilled or an unknown material such as foamy or odorous liquids or solids, unmarked drums or containers, etc. call 911 immediately.

  • Non hazardous spills include discharge from RVs, septic system failures, sewer line breaks or backups, soapy wash water, restaurant grease, or muddy runoff.

Step 3.Report the spill

If hazardous or unknown - call 911.

If non hazardous, call (707) 647-4550 during business hours, or (707) 995-8674 after hours.