Good Neighbor Resources

At the heart of every thriving community lies the strength of its connections and the spirit of its residents. American Canyon is a diverse and welcoming community, where people from all backgrounds come together to create a vibrant and inclusive environment. This page is a resource designed to help you connect with those around you, contribute to the well-being of your community, and create a safer, friendlier environment for everyone.


Overgrown Vegetation & Needs

The property owner or tenant is required to maintain their property free of weeds and overgrown vegetation. Trees and shrubs must not grow into the sidewalk, obstruct signage, or less than three feet of a fire hydrant. To file a complaint, contact Code Enforcement.

Debris & Trash

The property owner or tenant is required to maintain their premises free of junk, debris, trash, litter, etc. To file a complaint, contact Code Enforcement.


Don’t blow, rake or pile your own leaves in the gutter. Sometimes neighbors don’t see the harm in blowing leaves into the gutter or across the street. Resist the temptation. Blowing leaves into any gutter will cause flooding.

The street sweepers you see coming by your home can’t pick up big piles of leaves. Recology American Canyon provides Yard Waste Bins so you can conveniently dispose of leaves as you rake, and then they are composted to make new soil - No Waste!

A less obvious problem with putting leaves in the gutters shows up as the leaves make their way to the Napa River. Storm-water, unlike the water leaving your house through the drains in the sink, toilets and tubs isn’t treated before it makes its way to the River. When leaves get into the River, they change the water temperature and absorb oxygen as they breakdown, stressing our wildlife’s ability to survive – and wet leaves make great breeding grounds for those pesky mosquitoes.

Disposing of leaves in the gutters and storm drain inlets is a violation of American Canyon’s Municipal Code 14.28 (Storm-water and Pollution Discharge Control Program). 

Street Sweeping

Recology American Canyon provides bi-weekly street sweeping services in American Canyon. Be a good neighbor and move your car so the sweeper can do the best job possible! Your street is typically cleaned the next business day after your garbage pick-up

Garage & Yard Sales

You may have up to 6 sales per year, each one lasting up to 3 consecutive days. Keep your neighborhood clean by taking your signs down immediately after the sale. Placing signs on public signs and poles in the right-of-way or on utility poles is illegal.


Quick removal is key to discouraging further graffiti. Removal of graffiti is the responsibility if the property owner. Report graffiti in the public right of way, a park, playground or on city signage online.

Keep the Peace & Quiet

Be a good neighbor! Be kind, respectful and consider those who live around you. Work together to keep the peace and to keep noises to a minimum.

The making and creating of disturbing, excessive or offensive noises within the city is a public nuisance, and is unlawful, and the noise ordinance shall be enforced as provided in American Canyon Municipal Code Chapter 8.12. To make a noise complaint, contact the non-emergency dispatch number at (707) 253-4451.

American Canyon Municipal Code Chapter 8: Barking Dogs
No person shall knowingly keep or harbor any dog that habitually barks, howls or yelps and thereby causes great discomfort of the peace and quiet of the neighborhood or materially disturbs or annoys persons in the neighborhood who are of ordinary sensibilities.

Contact (707) 253-4451 for assistance with loose dogs or excessive and habitual barking, howling or yelping.


Garbage Cans

Garbage and recycling totes should be stored alongside your home, not in the front. On your pick-up day, return your totes to their storage spot before the day ends. If you have issues with your collection service or need additional totes, contact Recology American Canyon.

Parked Vehicles

Do not to park on or block access to the sidewalks. All vehicles parked on the street must have current registration and insurance. Report inoperable or abandoned vehicles online or call the non-emergency dispatch number at (707) 253-4451. For abandoned vehicles on private property, contact Code Enforcement.

RVs, Campers, Boats, & Trailers

These may be stored on private property on a paved surface only. Do not park on the street for long periods of time. More than 72 hours is a violation of the State Vehicle Code. For questions or complaints regarding property issues, call Code Enforcement at (707) 647-4599. For roadway issues, contact the non-emergency dispatch number at (707) 253-4451.


Before starting any project such as garage conversions, additions, sheds, etc., please check with the Building Division if you are unsure whether a permit is required. To file a complaint, contact Code Enforcement.


Streets, Lights, & City Problems

Seeing street light outages, downed trees, water leaks, downed signs, potholes, illegal dumping, or other issues? If you’re reporting an active safety hazard please call 911. Report issues online anytime. To report issues during business hours, call (707) 647-4550. If you’re reporting outside business hours, please call (707) 995-8674.

Animal Services

Napa County's Animal Services team provides assistance with animal rescue and transportation of sick/injured animals, animal welfare and animal control issues. Contact non-emergency dispatch number at (707) 253-4451.

If you have lost, located, or are looking to adopt a pet, the Napa County Animal Shelter can be reached at (707) 253-4382.

Feral or community cat information and resources.

Mosquito, rodent, tick and yellowjacket information and services.

Suspicious Activity

For you and your neighbor’s sake, be aware of what is happening around you. Join American Canyon's Neighborhood Watch. If you hear or see something not quite right, call 911. Your American Canyon Police Officers would much rather have you call and it be nothing than to not call at all and it be something bad. If you need the police and it is not an emergency, call the non-emergency dispatch number at (707) 253-4451.   

Be Safe & Slow Down

Drive slowly in all our neighborhoods. Be kind, considerate and respectful of the people who live here. The speed limit is most neighborhoods is 25 miles per hour or less. Let’s all commit to the We LOVE Safe Streets Pledge, and keep each other safe!

Traffic concerns can be reported directly to the City of American Canyon's Traffic Working Group by completing this form. If you have an immediate safety concern please dial 911.

Traffic signal timing, missing signs, streetlight outages, potholes, roadway debris, and other maintenance concerns can be reported online or by calling (707) 647-4550.