Code Enforcement FAQs

What is Code Enforcement?

The objective of Code Enforcement is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the public; to protect the integrity and character of residential neighborhoods and districts; to protect the appearance of the Highway 29 corridor; to prevent the devaluation of property values; and, to enhance and protect the livability, social and economic conditions of American Canyon.


How Long Can Trash Cans be Left Out?

Trash cans are required to be stored in a neat and orderly condition behind the front wall plane of the dwelling. Contact the code enforcement officer for concerns regarding trash storage.

Can I Have More Time to Fix a Violation?

You may contact the Code Enforcement Officer to request an extension. Be prepared to give a reason why the extension is being requested and provide a date when compliance will be met.

What if a Violation is not Corrected Within the Specified Time?

If compliance has not been met by the specified time, the Code Enforcement Officer will proceed with next steps for enforcement which may be a notice of violation or a citation.

Who Turned Me In?

All complaints are anonymous.

What are Construction Hours in a Residential Neighborhood?

7 AM - 7 PM daily. Refer to American Canyon Municipal Code Section 8.12 for more information on community noise standards.

Do Homeowners Need to Maintain their Property?

Yes, contact the Code Enforcement Officer to let them know the address of the violation and where the violation is on the property. For example, if there are overgrown weeds in a neighbor’s rear yard code enforcement may not be able to see it. The Code Enforcement Officer may need to contact you to request access to view the violation from a legal vantage point.

My Neighbors Have Violations too! Why aren't You Investigating Them?

You may contact the Code Enforcement Officer to make them aware of your neighbor’s violation(s). Remember, all complaints are anonymous.

Why am I Responsible for Violations that Existed Before I Bought my Property?

The violation stays with the property no matter who the owner is. If you’ve acquired a property that has known or unknown violations, you are now responsible for clearing those violations.

How Many Vehicles can be Stored on a Property?

There is no limit to how many vehicles a property owner can store on their property if they are legally parked. Vehicles parked on the street are required to move every 72 hours. Code enforcement responds to complaints of vehicles on private property. American Canyon Police Department responds to complaints of abandoned vehicles on the public right-of-way.